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With GreenPonik, your garden assistant

Gardening has never been that easy

Vegetable garden, big or small, in the city or in the countryside, in a hydroponic or aquaponic setup, GreenPonik has a solution for each need.
Plant, let the App guide you, and harvest !

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With Water Sensor and Water Pump, the days of manual measurements and dosing are over

Easy to setup and easy to use.
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The GreenPonik Team

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Charlie: My challenge? Allow anyone to grow healthy and fresh food. I put all my passion and energy in the success of this project. Both gardener and geek, I decided to combine those two passions to develop devices and a great App to allow anyone to be a gardener!

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Mickaël: Like many people, I have a vegetable garden, but not enough time to take care of it. Each line of code that I write aims to make gardening simpler, to allow you to grow healthy food at home and to build a great App that will assist you day by day.